5 Best Movies: Financial Crisis

dolarThe financial crisis of 2008 is a period that caused economic problems that affected individuals and families, and so there are many questions: why did it happen? How did policymakers react? How was the population effected? What were the economic repercussions?

There are many more questions and issues, and so new movies were released, to reveal how the financial crisis happened, and more. All these movies have already been released, so there is no need to wait! Take a look at what each movie is about and decide if you want to watch one or watch them all.

The first top movie was The Big Short, for it has been praised by critics and on Rotten Tomatoes, reviewers have given it an impressive 88% rating. The Big Short blames greedy bankers for the financial crisis.

So what is the scenario? Well it starts out with a character called Michael Burry. He realizes there is an opportunity to make a lot of money, and he meets Jared Bennett, a banker. With other greedy professionals, they take advantage of economic woes in America. What happens is that Burry sees that there are subprime home loans which could default, and he takes on the housing market and bets against it. He does this by getting more than $1 million, which he got from you investors, into credit default swaps.

If you are out to watch another good movie with a different view, consider Too Big To Fail. Reviewers from Rotten Tomatoes give it a 76% rating. The movie certainly may give watchers a more comprehensive understanding of the financial crisis because it takes a look at the events that were part of it. Furthermore there is a look at the Wall Street kings who met with regulators to negotiate a federal bailout, which some may consider as unfair. What about the other Americans who had to suffer because of the actions of Wall Street Kings?

A third choice is Inside Out. This movie looks at the financial crisis from another angle: the power Wall Street has and the banking practices that led to financial trouble. Reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes rated this movie 98%.

A fourth choice is Capitalism: A Love Story. It looks at the financial system and its collapse. It also looks at the effects the financial collapse had on American lives. Raters at Rotten Tomatoes gave a rating of 75%.

A fifth choice is Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps. This movie also looks at the financial crisis, investment, investors and the economic downturn. The story includes many characters who interact with each other while the financial crisis unfolds. Reviewers at Rotten Tomatoes gave it 44%, but at IDMB, the rating is 6/10.

Watch all these movies, if that sounds good to you, because each movie will give a different perspective of the financial crisis. All of them have been given good ratings, and give the right amount of information that can answer any questions of the financial crisis. Or, if you don’t really have any questions, sit back and enjoy a movie, while learning about issues that impact society. Have a good watch!