Movies Offering Great Financial Lessons


The world of finances in almost all its facets makes way for good cinema-ingenuity, tragedy, comedy, redemption, and catastrophe. These are all present in several finance movies produced by Hollywood over many years. There are many movies that portray the financial professionals in a flattering light. They are unbelievable stories of risk-taking, greed, and excess and are considered compelling cinema. The movies that have been mentioned in this write-up are a must-view for people already working or thinking of working in the stock market. You always have the option of watching a financial thriller, a true story or a movie on stock investments. Movies in this genre or category are educational, broadly insightful and in no way boring. Some of the best movies offering great financial lessons are as follows:

The Wolf of Wall Street

This 2103 movie depicts a stockbroker’s adventure. The stockbroker is Jordan Belfort (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) who has the potential of selling almost anything to any individual. This film is primarily a must0-watch for all those people who are lured into investing in horrible stocks while they make no money at all. Instant gratification is a lure that needs to be avoided and this film shows it very clearly. It is something that undermines an individual’s ability to make informed financial decisions. The film gives importance to the fact that it is necessary to take the services of trusted sources and experts when it comes to making huge financial decisions or stock investments.

Wall Street

This is the best movie on finance mainly because of its professional tone and scenes. It shows the hedonism and the excess linked with fiancé. It is a movie which was made for warning the viewers about the risks associated with insider trading. It is a good film that comes with a lesson and also one of the all-time hits in the category of finance and stock market movies.

The Untouchables

With Robert De Niro as the main protagonist, this is a film that makes its viewers think twice regarding their neglecting approach to filing income taxes. The film brings forward the idea that you never know when you can be put behind the bars for a simple charge of tax evasion. While people might not be criminal kingpins, failing to file income taxes can hurt an individual’s credit. The film teaches that people can even face fines and serve prison times if they evade taxes. It teaches them to file and pay their taxes at the right time so that audits and penalties can be avoided.

Rogue Trader

This film shares the story of a trader who caused the insolvency of a bank single-handedly. This is a decently entertaining film on financial oversight and risk management. It is a film worth watching for people who do not have a clear idea about these major considerations when making investments.

Trading Places

The movie is one of the best depictions of a passionate trading session and is a must-watch for all those individuals who are into trading.


The movies that have been mentioned above are great movies from the point of view of the prospective financial professionals. However, these films can also offer a glimpse into the absurd and exclusive finance world even for the ones who are not interested in this career field.